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Offering a Helping Hand-sanitizer!

There is no question that the last few weeks have been unprecedented and, like many companies, WhataHoot is facing disruption, not least because this will delay the work on our new distillery.

However, like so many across the UK, we wanted to do out bit to help the country recover. So when we were approached by a number of local care homes and councils enquiring if we could turn our alcohol into hand sanitizer, we felt we had to try.

Although we had never made hand sanitizer before the process is basically a simple ‘recipe’ and distillation. So we followed the World Health Organisation formula to create an 80% solution and have managed to alter our production process to help meet the country’s increased demand for hand sanitizer.

We have also come up with a scheme by which the public can support organisations on the front line in the fight against Coronavirus, such as NHS Community Workers, Doctors Surgeries, Community Midwives, Community Care Workers, the Fire Service, the Police and Local Schools for Teaching staff, by donating a bottle of hand sanitizer.

We know a lot of people want to help but perhaps don’t know how, so we have added the option on our online shop for members of the public to purchase a bottle of our hand sanitizer and gift it to one of these amazing front line care providers. We then endeavour to deliver all donated bottles to the community within 48 hours.

And if you know anyone, such as a Practice Manager, Station Commander/Officer, School Head or head of a local authority, please let them know that we would love to hear from them, as we would like all the donated hand sanitizer to go where it is most needed.

And the demand has been incredible, with thousands of bottles being purchased and distributed across Norfolk so far. However, we couldn’t possibly profit from a product created as a result of such horrible circumstances, so we are just covering our costs and we are pleased to be in a position where something we make can help others in these challenging and unprecedented times.