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Staying fit and Avoiding Sunday Morning Hangovers! (Guest Blog)

Ok, so this is mainly meant for a little bit of fun! But maybe there is something to hear that all of us can learn from? We teamed up with Jake founder of Just4you Fitness and he’s given us some top tips for trying to avoid that Sunday hangover even if you’re trying to diet!

Size Matters

When you are drinking at home or at friends and families the measures get bigger and bigger throughout the night. By the end of the night you’re drinking more alcohol than the dilute in your drink!

As you get used to the taste of it, you feel like there isn’t much alcohol in the drink so you add more right? It’s just your taste buds playing tricks on you.

Try and keep your measures to a single shot, you’ll not be such a lightweight then too! Less alcohol means more drinks! We recommend this Measure

Beer makes you bloated? You're probably just pouring it ...

Avoid Beer Bloat

Well, it’s pretty obvious but beer commonly bloats so if you are wearing a slinky dress or tight jeans it probably isn’t the best idea. You don’t want to feel uncomfortable on your rare night out.

Beer is known to cause digestive issues as it is made with grains, so that’s a no if your intolerant to any kind of grain! Swapping beer for a gin and Tonic will be fewer calories and less bloat.

Gin is clear so it’s got the same calories as water right?

Gin and Lighter Tonics have less sugar than sweet wines so are better for you.

Prevention is Better than Cure

If you want to avoid weight loss and a hangover the best thing to do is avoid alcohol altogether. That’s the best way to ensure that you don’t feel like rubbish the next morning right?

However, we know the Saturday feeling gets going and you’re going out!

If you really suffer the next day I suggest taking milk thistle and vitamin C to aid your hangover. Keep hydrated and avoid salty snacks which are designed to make you drink more.

Have a fry up the next day! Eggs are high in cysteine, a sulphur amino acid which is one of the building blocks of protein. Have it with some toast, bacon, mushrooms and beans and you’ll soon soak up that alcohol.

In Closing

I know that you’re aware that alcohol is high in calories and has no nutritional value. But we still drink it right? That’s why I thought tips on how to drink sensibility and avoid a hangover from hell would be more beneficial to you.

Alcohol causes weight gain by raising insulin levels and turns on fat storage by increasing fatty deposit in the liver.

Extended drinking also raises cortisol levels which cause ‘beer belly’ as weight with elevated stress levels usually goes to the midriff.

I hope you found these tips useful and you can now easily enjoy those crazy nights out and keep the calories away!

If you want some extra help you can always download jakes free eBook below here!