V .... for Vodka! - WhataHoot

V .... for Vodka!

We are so excited to announce that this Autumn we are adding a totally new product to our ever-expanding range of drinks!!

Many of you are already familiar with our Signature Dry and Tawny Orange gins and we have been so pleased that our recently launched Navy Strength Gin has also been extremely well received.

So, we are thrilled to add an entirely different spirit altogether to the WhataHoot family of drinks - Signature V Vodka! Distilled from sugar beet and triple-filtered, Signature V is a full-strength hand-distilled premium vodka, and is a smooth spirit which can be enjoyed with a mixer or chilled on the rocks.

It made complete sense to us to create a vodka. We know that gin isn’t for everyone and some of the feedback we have from people we meet is that they don’t drink gin, but do like vodka. So we hope that by introducing our Signature V Vodka, that we are offering something for everyone.

This new addition will hit the shelves on Friday 23rd October and will be available online at www.whatahoot.co.uk or in our Pantry Shop which is open from 10am 7 days a week.

We hope you enjoy!!