Artisan Drinks - Classic London Tonic 200ml - WhataHoot Gin

Artisan Drinks - Classic London Tonic 200ml

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CLASSIC LONDON TONIC – The one that’s for purists.

PREMIUM CLASSIC TONIC WATER – For those looking for the perfect, refreshing gin and tonic. It’s the perfect partner for anyone who likes a drier, craft gin – typified by our stylish London gent who knows where he’s going – and what he likes.

SHARPLY DRESSED – It’s a stylish combination of complex natural citrus flavours with subtle botanical notes.

100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS – No artificial nasties for Artisan – 100 per cent natural ingredients are combined to create the perfect premium mixer.

RAW QUININE sourced from raw cinchona bark extract – this delivers a much smoother quinine taste versus artificial sources of quinine used in many other tonic brands.