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HootFruit 60g Mixed Dried Fruit Pack

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Why are you still going to the fridge for that half-used lemon, is that the only garnish you have to hand?  HootFruit is a resealable 60g bag of 7 different fruits.  Slices of dried Orange, Pink Grapefruit, Lemon, Lime and pieces of Strawberry and Raspberry plus whole blueberries mean you can have a different garnish every time. 

Dried fruit releases more colour and flavour than fresh, so your G&Ts from now on can look and taste amazing.   Spread over a platter when entertaining, select your garnish and create your own ‘Hoot’.  #WhatsYourHoot

Resealable, just place back in the cupboard for next time – no need to refrigerate.

Great for camping, sailing, picnics and entertaining.