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WhataHoot 5cl Gin & Mixer Gift Box
WhataHoot 5cl Gin & Mixer Gift Box

WhataHoot 5cl Gin & Mixer Gift Box

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Whats Your Hoot? 



Available now as a 5cl bottle of gin with a choice of mixer or tonic.  These Gift Boxes make the perfect stocking filler and are perfect for all gin lovers wanting to try something different.  Stuck for Christmas gift ideas?, these boxes allow you to select WhataHoot Signature Dry or Tawny Orange gin and mixer of your choice, why not try:



For the Classic Gin Drinker:



Signature Dry Gin with Indian, Mallorcan, Pink Grape Fruit tonic with Bergamot or Elderflower tonic with & Cucumber.



Tawny Orange Gin with Indian, Mallorcan or Rosemary tonic with Black Olive  - amazing!



For the Sweeter Tooth:



Tawny Orange Gin with Ginger Ale, Lemonade or Rhubarb Tonic with Hibiscus for that Fruit Cocktail experience



Don't let us be the judge of your future G&T creations - be creative! #WhatsYourHoot  ?



Box contains:

1 x 50ml Gin

1 x 200ml Franklin & Sons Mixer