Our Go To Diet - WhataHoot

Our Go To Diet

It has been another hectic summer here at WhataHoot and we have attended dozens of fabulous events.

Aside from the questions we get about our products and, of course, where the name came from, we are very often asked about the amazing foods we get to enjoy.  After all, we are at spectacular food and drink events almost every weekend, so surely our diet must be a smorgasbord of local delights. Well sort of....

Very often we are on-site to set up before 6 am (and in the winter months this can mean in the dark and cold as well) and by the time we have made our stand perfect for a day’s showcasing and tasting WhataHoot, the public are more often than not keen to talk to us! Once the event is underway, most of the time we have crowds waiting to talk to us or sample our gin, leaving very little time for us to purchase any street food or enjoy the delights on offer.

However, we have learnt that if we do want to eat, it’s good to get in early and one of our go-to staples this summer has been Gur Beck Scotch Eggs. This great family business, started by John and Kim, specialises in handmade scotch eggs. They are all gluten free and made with local ingredients and who knew there could be so many varieties - traditional of course, but then there’s chilli and cheese (our favourite), tomato and olive, black pudding, breakfast, sage and onion and chorizo. there is even a vegetarian option and a for a seasonal flavour this Christmas we look forward to getting in the mood at festive fairs in the approach to Christmas with their turkey & cranberry scotch egg! However we have also discovered that the only thing better than a Gur Beck scotch egg when out on the road, is a Gur Beck scotch egg accompanied by Candi’s chutneys - particularly her Chilli & Tomato Dip.

And what do we eat when we get home? Always late, always exhausted (but happy) and very often wet and cold. So all we want is something simple but delicious and we have discovered the perfect dish in this situation is Olive Olive’s halloumi cheese. Based in Cambridgeshire this fabulous company sells halloumi cheese made in Cyprus the old-fashioned way, and as fans of any halloumi cheese, we can tell you there is nothing like it! They always have a. chuckle when we bulk buy for the week ahead!

So although, unlike visitors to the fabulous festivals, events and markets we attend, we sadly don’t have the opportunity to browse the mouth-watering street food stalls that are very often available, we do manage to enjoy some of the local delights that are always on offer.