Welcoming Navy Strength! - WhataHoot

Welcoming Navy Strength!

It has certainly been a busy year here at WhataHoot and this month alone, in addition to opening our fabulous new distillery in the heart of King’s Lynn, we even had time to develop a new flavour gin to add to our ever-expanding range of products.

We wanted to create a gin which would celebrate the opening of the distillery and it didn’t take us long to settle on a navy strength gin. From as early as the 13th century and for many hundreds of years King’s Lynn was one of England’s most important ports and has prospered as a result of its maritime links for trade and industry. So, it seemed entirely fitting to use this as inspiration for a new gin to celebrate our move to our new distillery in the heart of the town.

Our Navy Strength Gin blends our secret recipe of botanicals and is distilled to a 57% proof. Made with no artificial flavours or additives, this exciting new product was officially launched to celebrate the opening of our bespoke new distillery earlier this month.

We know that many of our customers absolutely love our Signature Dry and Tawny Orange gins, but we think it is also time to try something new. So we hope that you will enjoy this new flavour, which certainly packs a punch!