WhataHoot is a truly family affair!

Started by husband and wife team, Jason and Nicky, with the support of their sons Ethan and Oliver, the family set out to create a business where they could share their passion with their customers and create something unique for them to enjoy. They settled on gin!

With a keen interest in distilling, they purchased a still and, knowing they wanted to build a product firmly rooted in Norfolk, they looked to the surrounding countryside for flavour inspiration. It wasn’t hard to come up with their WhataHoot Signature Dry Gin with hints of local lavender and sea samphire, and they are always on the look-out for new and refreshing combinations to grow their range of flavours.

And the name? Jason and Nicky are passionate about their home county of Norfolk. So, inspired by their life-long love of the barn owls which inhabit the skies in Norfolk, they took the owl’s calling card as the calling card for the company and created WhataHoot. After all – it is all about having fun and entertaining – the very definition of WhataHoot! As owner Jason Crown says our customers have a 'Hoot' drinking gin and here at 'WhataHoot' we have fun distilling it too!

Jason Crown

Head Distiller

I'm normally making sure the distillery is running smoothly. You'll see me overseeing all of the Still Operations!

Nicky Crown

Chief Taster

Making sure our gin is the highest quality! Helping Ethan with Social Media and keeping the engine running smoothly!!

AJ Bonnett

Account Manager

Looks after our trade and corporate customers. We would love you to stock WhataHoot in your shop, garden centre, café, bar or restaurant so we’ve employed the nicest man in the business to look after you!